Understand more about how your business is performing using the revenue reports. Information available includes:


  1. Analysis of revenue by product category (service item)

  2. Analysis of revenue by referral source

  3. Analysis of revenue by client area

  4. Analysis of new client revenue 


Setting up Service Item Groups and applying these groups to your services is essential to organizing and sub-totaling your Revenue Report.


When you run the Revenue Report, Pet Sitter Plus calculates all the services that have been scheduled within the date range you specify. It is important to note that these services could still be at a quote stage and may not necessarily have been invoiced. Therefore if you want an accurate turnover figure for accounting purposes, you should use the TAX REPORT rather than the Revenue Report.


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Revenue by Product Category (Service Item) >

An analysis of revenue shown by each service item group. Clicking on each group heading shows a breakdown by service item. Find out the different ways to view this report.


Revenue by Referral Type >

An analysis of revenue by referral source. Find out the different ways to view the data.


Revenue by Client Area >

Set the format of dates and times entered or displayed in the system. Find out the different ways to view the data.


Analysis of New Business Revenue (New Clients Only) >

All of the above categories can be analysed for "new business only". Use this feature to understand:

  • What services your newer clients are buying.

  • What referral sources are performing the best for new business.

  • Where geographically your new business comes from.

  • The total value of your new business.

  • The different ways you can view the data.


Why is my Graph not being Displayed? >

If one or more of your service item groups has a negative resulting value for any given date range your graph will not display and you will receive an error message "Negative values are invalid for a pie chart".



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